New Show “The Dopest Attorney Report” by Criminal Defense Attorney Allison Margolin

Allison Margolin brings a new light to LegalEase TV with her biweekly report. Covering everything you need to know about the growing medical marijuana laws and industry, Allison a Harvard graduate has excelled in the specialization of Medical Marijuana cases and drug charges. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in this field makes her a leading Attorney in Los Angeles and Southern California.



Representing clients all through out the state, her practice continues to grow bringing a winning mentality to every case.

In this first episode of “The Dopest Attorney Report” Allison Margolin discusses the new raids that recently occurred in Santa Barbara, what she thinks the Federal Government will do, How long before marijuana is rescheduled, what she thinks about President Obama and how close are we to legalizing Marijuana?

These questions and more. See Video

Produced By:

#1 Los Angeles Social Media Agency EG entertainment


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EG Entertainment creates experiences that build businesses. Founded by Producer Erik Daniel Garcia, EG entertainment is one of the fastest growing Multimedia Marketing and technology companies based out of Los Angeles and Hollywood. EG Entertainment helps clients build better brands by delivering business results through customer experiences using today's cutting edge technologies. With a demonstrated commitment to innovation, EG entertainment specializes in Video/Film Production, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Website Developement and User Experience. EG Entertainment helps companies build great brands by creating engaging experiences for consumers wherever they live in the digital world. Our marketing and design capabilities, rooted in digital, combine consumer insight, technology and creativity. The result? Consumer experiences that are as dynamic, elegant, and interesting as the people using them. Clients who enjoy customer loyalty, industry recognition, and results. And a Team who thrive on inventing the future. Over the past several years, EG entertainment has helped it's clients lead and innovate. How? By studying users. Maximizing online Video. Deconstructing data. Developing game-changing ideas and redefining how brands connect with people. We understand just what makes the digital sphere so different. So no matter which direction this revolution heads, your business will be ready for whats next... As one of the leading Multimedia Companies based out of Los Angeles and Hollywood, EG entertainment continues to manage and build Multimedia Platforms using the most creativity solutions and technology.

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